Agriculture Professor contributes useful lifestyle articles for popular Bengali daily

Agriculture Professor contributes useful lifestyle

When an alternative of sugar is suggested, saccharin is the most common product that comes to mind. However, there is a substance which can act as an alternative of sugar and can control blood sugar level - Stevia!

There has been a rich tradition of green leafy vegetables that include water spinach, spinach and others. These items have lost their place in our plates.

Dr. Sourav Roy, Assistant Professor, Department of Agriculture, Brainware University has taken up the responsibility to explore these healthy food habits for the present generation. Dr. Roy has started writing a number of articles for the agriculture section of the popular Bengali daily 'Sangbad Pratidin'.

In the current scenario, contaminated food is the reason behind changing food habits and give rise to several diseases. So, what can be the way out? 'Super food' is the suggestion by Dr. Roy. Dr. Roy's articles provide useful insights for better food habits. He also explores the traditional diet with leafy vegetables like water spinach, spinach etc. which are rich in vitamins and minerals but have lost their place in the preferences of the people.