Building Careers, Setting New Goals!

At Brainware University we are committed to the fostering of deeper engagement with the industry to create a synergetic learning environment that benefits all stakeholders –

  • The students, who discover exciting windows to broaden both their perspective and skills.
  • The Corporate, who gets to identify and cultivate a captive talent pool.
  • The University, whose mission is to be a solid and resolute bridge between the industry and human talent.

Our Training & Placement initiatives are deeply entrenched in the philosophy of holistic development of human talent. The university focuses towards persistent and multidimensional training of students in-line with the industry expectations which has led to an increase in the number of placement offers and salary packages.

BWU does not restrict its students to one or two companies. Hence, our students have grabbed multiple offers. Apart from core companies’ students are also allowed to sit in interdisciplinary branch selection process.

The placement session 2019-2020 has been a dream-run for students of Brainware University, with various famed MNC's/organizations visiting our campus for on-campus placements.

Brainware University has alliances with Leading Companies to ensure a strong bonding with the industries.

Some of our Leading Recruiters are:

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