A new milestone: Professional sound recording sessions at Multimedia Magic!

Professional sound recording session

The production house initiated by the Department of Multimedia, Brainware University, has a name now: Multimedia Magic! Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment at par with recent industry standards, the production house has facilitated some interesting projects of late.

A glance into the recording studio
To ensure a successful recording session, modern equipment is of utmost necessity, and needless to say, Multimedia Magic boasts of some high-end infrastructure. For crisp recording, the studio has Yamaha loudspeakers, along with a boom microphone and headphones from Sanheizer. While the AKG condenser microphone, Ahuja and SM58 microphones facilitate industry-standard recording, the sound mixing gets a modern spin with the Pro Effects mixing console. The production house successfully uses three recording softwares (instead of the single one that is mostly used in studios), namely Pro Tools, Nuendo, and Adobe Audition.

Recent projects and collaborations
Brainware University is exceedingly proud to have hosted Pralay Sarkar of SVF and Avik Mitra of Kathamala at Multimedia Magic, for enabling professional recordings for them. Sarkar, who recorded a track for the second season of the hit Hoichoi series Srikanto, was greatly pleased with the benefits he received. "It was really good to collaborate with Brainware on a sudden notice. Also to mention, the way they cooperate while recording creates a friendly and familiar environment for us. Looking forward to more collabs”, said Sarkar.

Avik Mitra found his perfect set-up in the duly-equipped voice booth, console room, and mixing room, for recording his fluent recitation. Founder of Kathamala, a school for the spoken word artists, Mitra was impressed with the standard of work at Brainware. "...got a very friendly environment after a long time. Also experts from SRFTI were present during the recording who also helped in the various aspects of voice modulations and all. Thank you Multimedia Magic!" said Mitra.

Looking forward: Future projects
After two successful professional recording sessions, Multimedia Magic is gearing up for regular industry collaborations. Further projects in the pipeline include several recordings with Pralay Sarkar for SVF, Avik Mitra’s recitation academy Kathamala, and for Acropolis Mall. The production house also aims to foray into video production with Smriti Mandir’s dance videos.

A silver lining in the entire process is that the students are getting hands-on training in sound recording and mixing. Pritam Nath, a student-intern who assisted the entire process, said, "It was great to get the opportunity to work here. It was a live working experience as a professional and I learned a lot." Brainware University recognises the importance of such professional experiences, and deems to provide such opportunities for the students. The University’s Multimedia department provides BSc and MSc courses in the discipline which train interested students into industry-ready professionals.