Workshop | Gender and Sexuality

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The Gender Sensitization Cell of Brainware University organized a workshop titled “Recognizing Diversity in Gender and Sexuality” on 15 March, 2022, at 3:30 pm. The main purpose of this programme was to make people aware about the changing attitudes towards sexual minorities held by society at large predicated by large-scale political and cultural changes.

The programme commenced at 3:30 pm with Dr. Sankar Gangopadhyay, Honourable Vice Chancellor of Brainware University delivering the welcome address. The guest speaker Dr. Pratulananda Das Professor, Department of Mathematics, Jadavpur University delivered his speech on the aforementioned theme under the title "Making Educational Spaces More Inclusive for LGBTQ People." The speaker shared his own personal experience and how he navigated through the bias and prejudice of other people in society, not only his personal life but also in the professional sphere.

The talk was followed by a lively Q&A session in which the audience members were keen to get an insight into matters concerning non-heterosexual sexualities. Dr. Pratulananda Das handled the questions with great care and tact, enlightening many members of the audience about issues which often do not get discussed in public spaces.