Workshop on Student Talk-Motivation behind Innovation | Brainware University

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Turning ideas into reality

To enhance entrepreneurial innovation, leadership skills among the students, Brainware University along with the Institute Innovation Council, organized a workshop on “Student Talk-Motivation behind Innovation” on April 29, 2020 from 4PM.

Three of our students, Shreya Singh(BWU/BTS/19/151), Debraj Dey and Dibakar Dutta(BWU/LLB/20/020) were the presenters in this workshop. In this workshop, participants got to learn many aspects of starting a business and gain necessary creative confidence to form a real viable startup.

The programme started with Debraj speaking about his journey, where he established himself after passing his undergraduation. “You need to know how problems can be turned into opportunities to establish a new start up”added Debraj. He promised to share his linkedin profile with the students, so that they get exposed to opportunities and ideas.

Shreya initiated the discussion by asking the students “ What is a startup for you?” She added, “Startup is a journey, where you learn things step by step”. She provided a thorough overview of what it takes to start a startup. She explained the right steps, how to avoid common mistakes. She ended her discussion by this proverb“ Tough times don’t last, Tough Teams do”.

The third speaker was Dibankar Dutta. He added, “ Unleash the innovative leader you can be and drive the right strategies to stay ahead in a fast-changing market.” He guided the students on how to apply right tools, techniques, strategies, and frameworks and master the essentials of innovation. The session ended with a Q&A session where students got a chance to ask questions about creating successful companies.