'World's largest democracy can be hacked': Bivas Chatterjee, Learned Counsel, High Court of Calcutta at Law seminar

Image 295 - democracy can be hacked

Digital connectivity has brought people closer, but it has also created a lot of disruptions and has given rise to several crimes. To inform the students in this regard, the Department of Law organised a seminar on 'Cyber Law and Electronic Evidence'. Bivas Chatterjee, Learned Counsel, High Court of Calcutta, was the resource person for the event. Chatterjee is also the Public Prosecutor of West Bengal for Cyber Law and Electronic Evidence.

The event took place on October 17, 2022, at the Seminar Hall of Brainware University. Chatterjee recalled his first cybercrime case which dates back to 2010 when the largest telecom company was cloned, and a fake website was made to tempt people in the name of employment.

While addressing the students, Chatterjee noted that a private IP address is the most important element to identify someone in the digital domain. "In case of public IP, the same IP is given to many individuals at a time. However, only one person has the destination IP, that is the private IP."

Chatterjee also discussed the emerging trends in electronic evidence. He cited that it was asked whether an EVM machine is hackable, and the reply was frightening - 'Yes, it is!' Bivas Chatterjee poked the worst fears among the people - 'Democracy can be hacked!'