Talent Hunt 2022: Freestyle solo dance competition to identify the talents

Freestyle solo dance competition-361

On December 3, the Boys’ Common Room at UB III saw the students putting their best foot forward (quite literally!) owing to the Freestyle Solo Dance Competition organised as a part of Talent Hunt 2022.

From Bollywood and belly dance, to folk and fusion classical, the students belted out stunning performances. The event saw a confluence of upbeat songs, versatile performances, and high energy! Ariyan Thapa was adjudged the winner by the judges and audience alike, for his stunning freestyling on peppy Bollywood songs. Akanksha Duari and Ananya Sengupta bagged the second position, while Biplab Giri and Shreejita Dey were placed third.

The exhilarated cheering of the students and encouraging judges made the evening a success. The event not only brought out the myriad talents of the students but also incited a healthy competitive spirit among them!