Department of Agriculture organises a webinar to commemorate 'World Wetlands Day'

A webinar to commemorate 'World Wetlands Day

Wetlands play a critical role in maintaining many natural cycles and supporting a wide range of biodiversity. They purify and replenish our water and provide the fish and rice that feed billions. A frightening fact is that 35% of the world's wetlands have disappeared in the last 50 years. February 2 is commemorated as 'World Wetlands Day'.

To commemorate 'World Wetlands Day', the Department of Agriculture organised a webinar on 'Prospects of Wetland in India for Sustainable Agriculture'. Dr. Soham Hazra, Assistant Professor, Genetics and Plant Breeding, School of Agricultural Sciences, JIS University was the speaker at the event. In his presentation, Dr. Hazra explained the significance of wetlands. The various aspects of wetland agriculture were explained in detail by him and the ways to achieve sustainability in agriculture by integrating wetlands into our agri-ecosystem were highlighted.

The Agriculture students must note that the vicious cycle of loss of wetlands threatened livelihoods, and deepening poverty is the result of mistakenly seeing wetlands as wastelands rather than lifegiving sources of jobs, incomes, and essential ecosystem services.

The main objective of conducting this webinar was to enlighten the students who are pursuing Agriculture about a new area that can be explored for future academic pursuits.