Tagore’s dance dramas staged by Law students

Tagore’s dance drama

On December 2, 2022, the students from the Department of Law staged two dance dramas by Rabindranath Tagore, to address the theme of “Equal Opportunity for All.” Under the able guidance of Dr. Pounami Basu (Assistant Professor, Department of Law), the students staged Chandalika and Chitrangada to highlight the themes of untouchability and women empowerment, respectively.

Caste discrimination and the emancipation of women being increasingly important concerns of current times, the students did an excellent job of choosing dance dramas to showcase the causes. Tagore’s works being relevant across eras, provided a solid playground for the students to showcase their understanding of “equal opportunity” through their performative talents! The choreography, costumes, and music arrangement had been successfully done by the students themselves, making the event a perfect union of creativity and teamwork!