2-day Faculty Induction Program for the new joinees of the Brainware family!

2-day Faculty Induction Program

They say the journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step. The quote is as inspiring as the journey from a 10X10 computer training centre to one of the leading private universities in West Bengal with 10,000+ students. To introduce the new joinees with this long journey of Brainware, a 2-day 'Faculty Induction Program' was organised on July 3 and 4, 2023.

"Dum spiro spero! While I breathe, I hope!" one excited faculty member remarked while introducing herself on the first day of the FIP.

It is with this 'hope' the faculty members who joined Brainware University shared their aspirations at the 2-day FIP. The university wishes to ensure world-class teaching facility to the students and in this regard is determined to build a team of dynamic faculty members with the perfect blend of experienced and young professors.

While addressing the new joinees, Hon'ble Chancellor Phalguni Mookhopadyay reiterated the fact that students should be our primary focus. "Try to be empathetic with the students. The students don't expect much from us, they want us to understand them," he added.

Mookhopadyay is a man of many parts, but he has not taught professionally. However, it is his able leadership and guidance that has driven Brainware from a 10X10 computer training centre to the leading private university in West Bengal with 10,000+ students.

While interacting with the new joinees, Mookhopadyay highlighted the fact that trending technologies need to be adapted and used to ensure a smooth learning experience for the students. As a keen educationist, Chancellor Sir wishes to incorporate ChatGPT and AI-based tools in the teaching methodology. One thing has to be remembered - one has to upgrade with the latest technological interventions or else one will lie behind.

At the FIP, the new joinees introduced themselves and they were also introduced to the other officials of the Brainware University. The 33-year long journey has witnessed many ups and downs, but Brainware was able to bear it all because of the support it had from the Brainware family. Indeed, Brainware is a family where everyone is on the same pedestal and constantly support each other to facilitate the overall growth of the university.