Workshop on Scholarships @Brainware University

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Success beyond boundaries

Brainware University prides itself on providing limitless opportunities to our students. In an effort to provide students with a global career, the Department of Biotechnology, Brainware University organised a Workshop on Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for Joint Masters Degree Programme(EMJMD) on September 18, 2021, at 3 PM. The aim of the programme was to make students aware of the global opportunities available in the field of biotechnology research and the ways they can effectively make use of such opportunities to build a global career. Our guest speaker, Mr.Somnath Choudhury(Country Representative, Erasmus Mundus Association) guided students on all aspects of studying abroad.

Mr. Choudhury started the workshop by introducing students to the facilities provided by the EMJMD scholarship program and the advantages of applying for the same. “Research facilities abroad are better developed because of the vast funding they receive. If you wish to build a career in research then there can be no better option,” Mr. Choudhury affirmed.

Through a demonstration, he took the students through all the steps of applying for the programme, important documentation to keep track of, and the different provisions for financial assistance. “For meritorious students, money should not be a barrier from accessing opportunities. This is why such facilities exist,” he said.

The final part of the workshop was dedicated to one-on-one interaction where the participants got to get their career doubts cleared by Mr Choudhury and receive personal guidance from him. We hope to continue providing more impactful opportunities for our students so that they can build the best career for themselves.