Google Developer Student Clubs (GDSC): A special session organised by the CSE department and Tech Club resolves all the queries


Rahul Roy has made our university proud! He is a 5th-semester student of our university who has been selected as the Google Developer Student Clubs (GDSC) lead of GDSC Brainware University by Google for establishing the Google Developer Student Club at BWU Campus.

On September 10, 2022, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in collaboration with Tech Club organised 'GDSC BWU Info Session: Ask Everything about GDSC'. The speakers at the event were Aindrilla Das, Ex-GDSC Lead, Google Cloud Champion Innovator and GOld MLSA; Ankita Prakash, Writer and Analyst at Wyzr, Growth Researcher NinjaTalks, Data Scientist Dimensionless Tech and Ankit Sharma, Software Engineer, CISCO, Google Developer and Expert and Microsoft MVP.

The speakers described the community and its importance along with the industry-level development pathway to start. The objective of the Google Developer Student Clubs Brainware University Info Session was to provide knowledge about the club and the Introduction of the core members.

The session was very successful. The students produced their questions and shared them with the speakers. After doing this event they became aware of GDSC BWU. Furthermore, they got to know about the different levels of development and how they can start their development journey in the industry.