A seek peak into the Optometry industry: C2C cell conducts a seminar with Lenskart!

Seminar with Lenskart id437

'Vision' and 'Sight' - the discussion at first was mistaken for a philosophical one but when one wishes to work in the field of vision sciences, this becomes important.

The Indian population at present stands at around 140 crore. Almost 1/3rd of the population needs to wear spectacles, however, 47.2% of this population does not have the access to spectacles which corresponds to 25 crore! These insightful revelations were made by Sreejit Sarkar, Regional Training Manager East, Professional Optometry Service, Lenskart at a session on 'World of Optometry through Lenskart's Eyes'. The event took place on April 17 and was organised by the Campus-to-Corporate (C2C) cell.

There are only 40,000 Optometrists for 25 crore people. "So, there is a huge responsibility and with great power comes great responsibility," said Sreejit Sarkar who thinks that the optometrists are 'Vision Warriors'.

Debapriya Mukhopadhayay, Head Central Team, Professional Optometry Service, Lenskart was also present at the session. He gave an idea on the Optometry industry in India. Mukhopadhayay also highlighted certain limitations of the students. "I have observed that often people are not ready to move for their job. But they need to understand that they have to work in the areas or places where the demand is huge!"

The session was an enlightening one for the students.