A Workshop on Next Gen Game Designing

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Build a career of your dreams

Game designing is taking over the job market by a storm. The Department of Multimedia in collaboration with Campus to Corporate department organised a special workshop on Next Gen Game Designing on April 26, 2022 at 11 am. In the recent past video games have been in the vogue as a creative and engaging activity. In a world where e-sports are on the rise, game-designing can be a wonderful career path for students to explore. To give them a helping hand, we had Mr. Manas Gharai(Senior Game Architect) and Aniruddha Dasgupta( Head of Training and Development, Red Apple Technologies) to let students understand how the industry works and what recruiters look for in new candidates. This was a perfect opportunity for students to get expert mentoring for free.

The session started with the guest speakers talking about the emerging trends in the game design market and how the aim of the designers would be to enhance player experience. The softwares and the tools which are industry standards were talked about and the students were introduced to free resources to help them gain access to these. The speakers also praised the university curriculum for being tailored to the industry demands. The second half of the session was accompanied by a live-demonstration of game design where the students got a feel for how it actually works in the industry.