How to deal with the patients?: HM workshop organised a workshop on 'Basic Skills in Patient Management'

Patient Management-282

On September 21, 2022, the Department of Hospital Management organised a workshop on 'Basic Skills in Patient Management (Pre-Covid/Post-Covid)'. Raju Chatterjee, Zonal Head East, Indira IVF Group was the Guest Speaker at the event.

"Why do the patients come to a hospital?" - Chatterjee started the session by asking this question to the students. He then went on to explain that one has to understand the mental conditions of the patients and those who accompany them while dealing with them because no one comes to a hospital with a happy feeling.

Chatterjee also shared his personal experience in the industry with the students which helped them a lot to get an overview of the functioning in the industry and the roles of the hospital Management graduates associated with it.