A discussion for those who do not wish to pursue a job after college; what option does Company Secretary Amitava Guha Sarkar has for them?

who do not wish to pursue a job after college

When Amitava Guha Sarkar, Company Secretary and Fellow, Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) asked the students what they will do after college - some said that they wished to pursue jobs while the others opted for Higher Education. In the crowd there were some who expressed their hesitation in pursuing a job. "The topic of discussion today is for those who do not wish to pursue job!" remarked Sarkar.

Sarkar is also associated with the Department of Law at Brainware University as a Professor of Practice. "Startup is the career option for those who do not wish to get involved with a job," said Sarkar. "Startup is not just another business unit. It is a business being set up by some young people using innovative ideas with the help of modern technologies," he explained.

Citing the examples of IITs and IIMs. Sarkar highlighted the role to be played by higher education institutions in building and supporting startups.