International exchange students return from Livingstone College, USA

Students return from Livingstone College, USA

We reported earlier this year that five of our BBA students Ankita Saha, Prannoy Mondal, Sayan Chanda, Subho Jana, and Sumon Mondal were selected for an international student exchange programme at Livingstone College, USA. These five students received a Presidential scholarship of $63,730 (Rs 52.75 lakhs) from Livingstone College as well. After successfully completing their 4th-sem studies, they are now back in their motherland and their alma mater.

The excited bunch of students has several stories to tell about their 'American Dream', especially when it has been a dream come true for them! With this international student exchange programme, they got the chance to meet and interact with various students coming from other countries. The students described their tenure at Livingstone College as a melting pot of a multitude of cultures.

Apart from studies, the various sporting activities at Livingstone College fascinated our students. Also, the food over there was too good for them to forget!

We are really proud of our students, and we are fortunate to be a part of their success story. We are hopeful that they have a bright future waiting for them - soon they will fly higher and shine brighter!