World Intellectual Property (IP) Day | Organised an Online Webinar on Intellectual Property

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Celebrating innovation

On the occasion of World Intellectual Property (IP) Day, The Ministry of Education’s Innovation Cell (Government of India) organised an Online Webinar on “Why is IP Important in Academia?” on April 26, 2021 from 3 PM. Dr Mohit Gambhir (Innovation Director, MoE Innovation Cell) in conversation with Dr Abhay Jere( Chief Innovation Officer, MoE Innovation Cell) aimed to educate members of the Indian academic community on the need to use IPR (Intellectual Property Right) resources to safeguard their innovation.

Dr Jere encouraged young innovators to stop worrying about the dearth of resources, “you need to get out of this lack mindset and instead become a solution to a problem. If you are smart, resources will be there,” he advised.

Dr Gambhir was firm in his assertion that IPR is not important for startups alone. “Today educational institutions are a big part of the innovation ecosystem. You need to familiarise yourself with IPR too so that your innovations won’t be misused by others,” he said.

Dr Gambhir also discussed some of the most important innovations that have been developed in universities like ultrasound and even the Astrazeneca vaccine, to highlight how universities worldwide are the hub of knowledge generation.

“Licensing and patent violations must be treated as real threats and so our universities too must file for patents. Academicians have to be actively involved in the entire process for it to work. Think of it as a value-addition and a way to network with neighbouring institutions as well,” he said.

The session ended with Dr Gambhir informing the audience about the process of filing a patent and the legal resources to help deal with IPR violations.