Brainware University organises Workshop on Biology and Chemistry

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The fascinating chemistry of life

In order to focus on the optimization of the detection limits for light elements and ions and their use in industries, the Department of Chemistry, Brainware University, organized a workshop on The Trace Amount Detection of Biologically Important Ions for Sustainable Development, in association with Indian Chemical Society on January 27, 2021 at 3.30 PM.

The inaugural speech was made by Prof. D.C. Mukherjee (Advisor & Former President, Indian Chemical Society). A short presentation was thereafter delivered by Sudip Das (Head, Chemical Engineering Dept., Calcutta University, & Treasurer, Indian Chemical Society). C.R. Sinha (Professor & Head, Dept. of Chemistry, Jadavpur University & Honorary Secretary, Indian Chemical Society) was the keynote speaker for the workshop.

This workshop highlighted the research results of the deliberate design of the trace analysis of biologically important ions. Sinha explained that these ions make the complex chemistry that sustains life. Oxygen is transported with the help of iron in your blood while sodium plays an important role in neurological pathways. According to Sinha, “Hydrogen bonds are the storehouse of genetic information, which can be transferred from progeny to progeny,” said the speaker.