Ensuring security against future crimes in Metaverse: An informative session for CST students

Security against future crimes-329

'Black Mirror' is one of the most popular web series among the young generation. Many of its episodes deal with the future crimes in the digital space. Last year, the minds of the superhero fans were blown by multiverse saga of 'Spiderman'. The Department of Cyber Science and Technology organised a seminar dealing with a subject, far more practical and realistic than 'multiverse' - 'Future Crimes in the Metaverse'.

Subhendu Chakraborty, Technical Expert, Department of IT and Electronics, Government of West Bengal was the guest speaker for the session. He started the session with the rules of the metaverse. While addressing the students, he highlighted the roles of the Cyber Science and Technology students in this respect. He spoke about the forensic audit of the CA firms where the CST students will come into play!