Gateway to Space: Regional Remote Sensing Center-(ISRO) visit is a great experience for ECE students


The 'Gateway to Space' was an enriching experience for the students. The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) organised a visit to Regional Remote Sensing Center- (ISRO), Kolkata on 23rd August.

In the beginning, the students were taken to a central building. In this place, they were shown a video – ‘Gateway to Space’ – on the ISRO, its history, and the current facilities available. S. Pathak, Deputy General Manager explained each display through a PPT presentation. It includes the models of the first Indian satellite Aryabhatta, APPLE, INSAT series etc. He also explained that satellites are basically of two types- Indian Remote Sensing (IRS) satellites and communication satellites. IRS-1A was the first remote sensing mission undertaken by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). It was a part-operational, part-experimental mission to develop Indian expertise in satellite imagery.

The 'clean room' concept for assembling satellites was shown to the students. It was a great experience for the students. A video depicting the moon mission of ‘Chandrayaan’ was also displayed. Finally, the scientists answered the doubts and queries of the students in an interactive session.

The organization visit was a great benefit for the students to directly understand the various concepts of satellite and space missions done by ISRO. They got a chance to transfer their theoretical knowledge to practical implications.