Industry visit to the 'Land of Rasagolla': How the food industry operates with KC Das!

Industry visit to the 'Land of Rasagolla'

Industry visits are a great source of learning for the students. The primary objectives of industrial visits are to provide insights regarding internal working, operations, and processes of the organizations. Recently, the Department of Biotechnology in association with the Institute Innovation Council, Brainware University organized a 2-day industry visit to K. C. Das, a reputed sweet production company since 1946, on May 11 and 12.

With this industry visit, the students have learned the production process and various other tests like neutralizer tests to increase the shelf life, detergent test, sugar test, adulteration test, quality tests, fat tests, and organoleptic tests to find out the purity of the milk.

What we consume as 'Rasagolla' goes through a lot of processes before it is considered safe for consumption. The same is true for the other favorite sweets of the Bengalis as well.

But learning the processes behind the sweet shop has been an insightful experience for the MSc Biotechnology students. This was an exposure to them about the food industry which can be a lucrative career option for them!