Workshop on National Education Policy by Brainware University

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The future of education

India’s first Education Policy was passed and implemented in 1986. After thirty-four years, the National Education Policy (NEP) for India has been updated, revised and approved on July 29, 2020.

To make students aware of the various aspects of this policy, a workshop on ‘Orientation Session on National Education Policy (NEP)’ was organised by the Institution’s Innovation Council, Brainware University on December 22, 2020.

The audience was enlightened by the key speaker, Prof. Sanghamitra Kundu (Director, IQAC, Brainware University) who began the session with a lively icebreaker interaction with the students. She then explained the difference between innovation and invention which led to the ultimate discussion where she talked about the various facets of NEP.

Prof. Kundu shared the vision for Higher Education in India – 2020 with a focus on three main elements i.e. students enrolling in the Higher Education System, Holistic and Multidisciplinary Education and Educational Technology, and Online Education. She also shed light the new curricular structure i.e. ‘4+3+3+2+3’.

The substantial impetus placed on vocational education or hands-on learning in the new policy will give rise to multiple hybrid jobs. Dr. Kundu added “NEP will help the learners adapt and reinvent themselves to the demands of the new hybrid work culture and dynamic socio-cultural changes.” Prof. Kundu highlighted the National Educational Technology Forum which provides independent evidence-based advice, builds institutional and intellectual capacities, envisions strategic thrust, articulates new directions, and also research.