online workshop | Matchmove and Compositing

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The Department of Multimedia and Campus to Corporate Department of Brainware University held an online workshop on Matchmove and Compositing on 13 November, 2021 at 5.00 pm. The online workshop was led by Arpan Banerjee, Camera/Object Tracking and Matchmove Artist at Technicolour, Mumbai.

The workshop was a success as evidenced by the large number of participating students and the overwhelmingly positive feedback recorded by the participants. Mr. Banerjee used his extensive experience and knowledge to enlighten the students about a broad range of subjects which were related to the fascinating topic under discussion. Students engaged in a lively round of Q & A at the end of the talk, and it was evident that Mr. Banerjee had touched a chord with the students since their questions would simply not stop!

The topic under question was one that is greatly popular among industry insiders and Mr. Banerjee showed the students certain tricks and tips which will surely help them in their professional career. The aesthetic and technical skills that a Matchmove artist must possess is a delicate balance of science and creativity and students were awed by the expertise on display. In a rapidly changing world, film-making, advertising and videography are using CGI in greater volumes and such workshops will truly help out students to adapt their skill-sets to an ever-changing world.

'It was such a great workshop! The students learned a lot and I am sure this will make the transition to working-life very smooth for them,' said Soumojit Kaviraj, event coordinator.