Agriskills Seminar


From Field to Future: Brainware University's Department of Agriculture hosted a groundbreaking national seminar on 'Agriskills Towards Nutritional Security and Sustainability'!

A Meeting of Young Agricultural Scientists: Over 225 bright minds from renowned institutions like UBKV, BCKV, Sister Nivedita University, Swami Vivekananda University, and more gathered to explore the future of sustainable agriculture!

From Dr. Pranab Hazra's insights on nutritional security to Dr. Dharani Dhar Patra's examination of Indian agricultural challenges, and Prof. Subhra Mukherjee's take on AI's impact, every moment was packed with wisdom!

Prof. Asish Ghosh shared the secrets of launching successful agricultural startups, igniting entrepreneurial spirits!

The students also put up a vibrant poster presentation!