The faculty-student initiative develops a device for detecting anxiety and stress levels in employees

Device for detecting anxiety and stress levels in employees

Anxiety! Stress! Burnout!

These are a few common words associated with the current generation of employees. Have you ever wondered how anxious an employee is? Or what is the amount of stress in the person's mind? Or the burnout capacity of a person?

A faculty-student collaboration from Brainware University has developed a device that can measure the above-mentioned attributes. Recently, a patent has been issued by the Controller of Patents for the device 'An Integrated Biometric Machine Learning Device to Measure Employee Stress, Anxiety, and Burnout'.

The device has been developed under the collaboration of Dr. Shivnath Ghosh, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Brainware University, and Ekata Deb, LLB Student, School of Law, Brainware University.

The body's typical response to both internal and external stimuli is stress, which can also manifest itself as anxiety and burnout. On the basis of this, the present invention develops a proof-of-concept tool for a three-behavioural-construct detector tool that is designed for a biometric attendance management system. Because of this, organisations are able to have a greater understanding of the emotional well-being of their staff members while they are on the job.