Director of Project and Research Dr Deepshikha Datta gets her 7th SCOPUS publication

Dr Deepshikha Datta gets her 7th SCOPUS publication

A Forbes article state that universities engage in research as part of their missions around learning and discovery. This, in turn, contributes directly and indirectly to their primary mission of teaching. Students, both undergraduate and graduate, benefit from studying in an environment rich with research and discovery. Besides what the faculty can bring back to the classroom, there are opportunities to engage with faculty as part of their research teams and even conduct independent research under their supervision.

It gives us immense pleasure to share the Dr Deepshikha Datta, Director, Research & Project, Brainware University has recently published a paper titled 'Development of rice starch/recycled polypropylene biocomposites with jute waste nanofiber-based filler' in the SCI/SCOPUS journal 'Sustainable Chemistry and Pharmacy'. This is the 7th publication of Dr. Datta since she joined Brainware University.

Dr. Datta made some useful suggestions for the young researchers. "It is important to identify a subject which is relevant and will appeal to the people at large," she suggested. Furthermore, she highlighted on the importance of collaborative efforts in case of research. Collaboration is the 'buzz word' in the research domain, Dr. Datta said. Collaboration between institutions will certainly enhance the academic pillar. Furthermore, the collaboration between the faculty members from various institutions, as well as the collaboration between the students, help in a powerful exchange of ideas and help in building a dynamic research community.

The peer-reviewed experimental work by Dr. Datta deals with the fabrication of biopolymer composites using compression molding in which a jute nanofiber was used as a property-enhancing filler and rice starch and recycled PP (RPP) as the matrix and the major goal of this research is to make recycled polypropylene/modified jute nanofiber/rice starch blended sheet with various starch/jute nanofiber content proportions.

We wish our colleague all the best for her future publications!