Legal compliance for investment reporting for startups

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To make the students understand the necessity of legal regulations required for start up businesses, the Department of Law, Brainware University, organised a seminar on "Legal Compliences for investment reporting for Start-ups', on February 17, 2022. Vaneeta Patnaik (Assistant Professor of Law, NUJS)was the key speaker of this event.

Patnaik started the seminar by explaining the importance of law in a start-up. She explained that with the increasing complexity of technology and the multifaceted and global nature of transactions, it is paramount for new and emerging enterprises to have a strong legal base to survive. ”You should have clear knowledge of the legal requirements of a start-up” suggested the speaker.

The speaker made the students aware that a lot of emerging businesses do not pay much attention to formalize the structure of the contracts and basic incorporation related documents. This can create legal complications in case a dispute arises or while raising investment, at any stage of a start-ups growth. She ensured that adhering to legal requirements is crucial for any organization; knowledge and compliance with applicable laws is the initial step to ensure smooth business operations.