CSS students to be a part of revolution in the roads of Kolkata


Snap-E cabs have brought in a revolution in the roads of Kolkata. From canceling rides to surging charges - app cab services have turned out to be highly disappointing for the public. EC Wheels has also come up with a substitute under the brand Snap-E cabs which are electric vehicles in the app cab business looking forward to enhancing their market footprint.

On November 19, 2022, Subhendu Saha, Solution Consultant, Snap-E and Shamik Halder, Principal Consultant (Technical), Snap-E conducted a workshop on this venture. 'Innovation on Kolkata Roads - An Introduction with Snap-E- Cabs' was the title of the workshop. The event was organised by the Institution's Innovation Council in collaboration with the Department of Computational Science.

Snap-E runs EV cabs in Kolkata at a fixed rate without any surge charges. At the workshop, the Snap-E officials discussed the mobile application feature and other processes with the CSS students.