A frame from 'Poramatir Deshe'

Frame from 'Poramatir Deshe'

The Department of Multimedia organised a photography workshop named 'Poramatir Golpo' at Chaltaberia Gram in Dattapukur on October 21, 2022. This workshop enabled students to showcase their creativity, each photograph had the theme ‘Poramatir Golpo ‘that explained the concept of the photograph.

At the village, the students got the chance to capture the moments of the potters manufacturing lamps, diyas, utensils, etc. as well as their lifestyle. Some of the candid photographs were guided by the respective faculty members and the photo workshop was a great exercise for the students and throughout the event, students learned a lot about capturing a subject.

This workshop provided ample scope for students to showcase their talents and also provided an exposure in the professional field.