A 4-day spectacle at inter-college competition 'Creative Communion'

A 4-day spectacle at inter-college competition 'Creative Communion'

"Fashion is the part of the daily air and it changes all the time, with all events. You can even see the approaching of a revolution in clothes. You can see and feel everything in clothes." - Diana Vreeland

Creative Communion began with a bang at Brainware University with 'Fusion Fashion'. The theme for this fashion fiesta was 'Fusion' as reflected in the name of the event. This spectacle gave us the opportunity to witness a vibrant extravaganza! From the 'Rainbow' theme of Pride to the conglomeration of clothing culture of various states - the representation was full on at the stage of fashion!

After a fusioning Fashion fiesta, the second day of inter-college competition 'Creative Communion' was made a grand success with the 'Magificent Mudras', the solo-dancing competition! The performing arena this time witnessed the fantabulous performances of oriental dance forms! Magical event it was! Renowned Bharatnatyam dancer Nabanita Saha was the judge for the event.

And a much-awaited dream of our students became a reality with the inter-college band competition 'Band-ish Bandits' of 'Creative Communion' on the third day. At the university auditorium what the students witnessed was nothing short of a concert! A number of bands from the university participated in the event and at the same time a good number of bands from other colleges also made their presence felt on our stage! A happening event it was! Sushovan Das, the lead drummer from Morphine band was the judge at the event!

The singers felt their performances and performed! The show was splendid! The show was spectacular! The show was magical!

Like the previous days, the final day of 'Creative Communion' was a grand success with its solo-singing competition ' Melody Mania'! "It seemed like a concert," shouted the excited audience!

The youngsters need a boost! The youngsters need some encouragement! The youngsters need a stage! And they will steal the show! They will conquer the world!

Here is the curtain call for this year's 'Creative Communion' but the show must go on! The show will go on!