Our vision is to consistently nurture and develop world-class human talent, and make significant contribution towards the growth of global economy and the society at large.


Our mission is to empower students to fulfill their career aspirations, help them become readily employable, and prepare them for a successful, scalable and sustainable professional future.

Our Philosophy

We, at Brainware University, believe that institutions and finishing schools cannot deliver quality and perceptible value while operating in isolation. Such institutions must be active stake-holders and partners to the industry - for achieving robust business growth, sustainable economic progress and a strong and stable society at large.

In this era of knowledge-based economy, the importance of knowledgeable and cognitive human capital, fortified with niche skills is paramount. The key lies in being able to nurture a talent pool that goes on to excel in the rapidly evolving, intrinsically networked, intensely competitive, relentlessly challenging yet enormously rewarding economic paradigm.

At Brainware University we are committed to the fostering of deeper engagement with the industry to create a synergetic learning environment that benefits all stakeholders –

  • The students, who discover exciting windows to broaden both their perspective and skills.
  • The Corporate, who gets to identify and cultivate a captive talent pool.
  • The University, whose mission is to be a solid and resolute bridge between the industry and human talent.

Our Career & Employability Development Centre and Talent Incubation Centre not only encourage ideation and nurturing of young, indomitable minds, it also strives and provides a framework for ignition of raw entrepreneurial spirit amongst our students.

For Brainware University, 'placement’ is not about just facilitating a student’s job-search. Our Training & Placement initiatives are deeply entrenched in the philosophy of holistic development of human talent. Our talent incubation initiatives, Industry-University collaborative programs, workshops, seminars, industry visits, talent contents and exhibitions, a comprehensive soft-skills development framework, holistic mentoring and employability enhancement programs, are all aimed at facilitating a successful campus-to-corporate transformation of our students.

Please write to us at tpo@brainwareuniversity.ac.in to know more about Brainware University’s career development initiatives and about a young and spirited pool of talented students in technology, management and commerce.

For placement and internship related queries,

Contact us:

Email: tpo@brainwareuniversity.ac.in

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