Skin detection app developed by CSE 1st-year students to aid dermatologists - A remarkable feat!

Skin detection app developed by CSE students

At Brainware University, the students are trained so that they can become responsible citizens of tomorrow! Two first-year students have come up with a product that is helping dermatologists.

Angshu Chakraborty and Sayan Chakraborty, first-year students from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering have come up with an application that can detect the moisture level of human skin. The app helps in diagnosing skin problems and recommend suitable solutions.

"This android app will help dermatologists to detect whether the face is dry or moisturised. An added feature will give the mixed reading of the face," said the developers!

This feat is going to be a golden feather to ornament the crown of students' achievements.

Brainware University is really proud to have students with such foresight and more such developments are expected to come up in the near future!