Develop your own apps: Webinar on Android app development in association with Webskitters

Image 206 of Android operating system

Let's go back to 2000! It is 9 p.m. at night and you are alone at your house. You are terribly hungry so what do you do? Either you have to cook something on your own or you have to go out and fetch some food from the nearest restaurant or takeaway counter.

Now come back to 2022! What will you do if the same situation prevails? Simple! Just login to Zomato or Swiggy and order food from your favourite restaurant. The Android operating system has made this possible for the common people.

On July 11, 2022, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering organised a webinar on 'Industrial Training and Internship on Android Apps Development (JAVA, KOTLIN)' in association with Webskitters Technology Solutions. Sankhadeep Ghosh on behalf of Webskitters was the speaker at the event. There were 34 participants in this webinar and Tanusree Gupta, Assistant Professor, CSE was the coordinator of the event.

At the webinar, Ghosh discussed how the functionality of mobile devices running the Android operating system can be extended using 'apps'. 'Apps' are specialised software designed to offer certain additional purposes on their devices. When the apps are compiled in the Android-native APK file format, it allows easy redistribution to the end-users.

This webinar helped the students to gain a better understanding of the Android system. The main aim of the webinar was also to provide industry exposure to the Engineers-to-be. The Engineering students were encouraged to develop an app of their own in the near future. It was an enlightening session for the students.

At Brainware University, the students get the opportunity to interact with skilled professionals of the industry. This mentorship and guidance from the industry insiders help the students to be job-ready.