Workshop on Scientific and Technical writing by Brainware University

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Writing your way to successes

Innovation is not only the need of the hour but also the pivot around which our world and industries revolve. It is imperative for our younger generation to hone their minds and develop a way of channelling their understanding that would help them come up with innovative ideas. The workshop on Scientific and Technical writing-Focus on Innovation, organised under Brainware University’s Institute Innovation Cell (IIC) initiative on December 29, 2020, intended to encourage the students in the conscious utilisation of their faculties for the greater good.

Guest of honour, Prof. (Dr.) Sukhendu Samajdar, Director, School of Natural, Applied & Social Sciences, MAKAUT, explained the numerous ways and techniques of approaching and presenting new ideas through technical writing assignments. “Technical writing in English serves as an essential tool in conveying one’s ideas, views, observations, instructions and suggestions in a logical manner,” pointed out Prof. Samajdar.

Along with practically training the students in the art and skill of improving their English technical communication skills, Dr. Samajdar elaborated the reasons for its importance in the 21st century. “Ideas get captured in words and sentences, so we must learn how to write properly,” he said.

The workshop ended with an enthusiastic Q&A session. It made the students realise the importance of improving their allied skills along with their technical knowledge if they hope to innovate and leave a mark on this ever-evolving industry.