Industry veteran discusses the role of a Hospital Administrator

role of a Hospital Administrator

"Healthcare is now growing like anything in our country," said Sanjoy Samanta, General Manager, Narayana Health while addressing the future healthcare administrators at a seminar on 'Importance of Innovation and Infrastructure of Healthcare Industry'. The primary job of a Hospital Management professional is to provide better service to the patient and in this regard, 'empathy' becomes an important quality for the professionals. It is very important for the hospital administrators to put them in the shoes of the patients.

Samanta gave an idea about the life of a Hospital Management professional. Since, the public sector occupies almost 60% of the healthcare sector, most of the students who are currently pursuing Hospital Management will be associated with private hospitals. "The reputed hospital chains like Apollo, Fortis and others are now venturing into tier-2 cities as well so that they are accessible to these population as well," Samanta added.

Furthermore, he pointed out that with the advancement of technology, the students need to adapt themselves to the usage of technology in order to have a successful career.

The interaction with this experienced industry expert has been an insightful experience for the students.