Understanding the art of short filmmaking: A session with the storytellers!

Understanding the art of short filmmaking

"We are storytellers. Using the various modes of media, we try to tell the stories about common people, make them dream and make them socially aware," Saptarshi Ray, Director of social media, Prayasam while addressing the Media Science students at a workshop on 'Mastering the Art of Short Films' on April 27, 2023.

Ray was accompanied by Manish Chowdhury, Chief Editor, Community Visual News Network (CVNN), Prayasam at the session.

A number of short films produced by Paryasam were shown to the students. Tha objective behind the films was made clear in the very beginning. It is the tips and techniques of the subtle craft of short filmmaking which was the main takeaway for the students.

The Media Science students in their professional career will be bound to utilise these techniques and tools of media. These workshops help them to polish their craft!