A Workshop on Desk Exercise

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Happiness begins with good health

A workshop on Desk Exercise techniques was conducted by Allied Health Sciences on 19-03-2022, from 11 am, for all the staff members of Brainwareuniversity, which was presented by Mr.Mohammed Ziauddin who has joined the Allied Health Sciences department this March. He has worked as Sports Physiotherapist for Round Glass Punjab FC, Mohali, Academy & first team Physiotherapist since September 2018. His area of expertise is Sports Injuries, Exercise Medicine Injury Prevention Rehabilitation Clinical Research, Sport Management Sports Psychology. The workshop was truly innovative, it wasn’t only conducted theoretically but practically too. The session was very beneficial for the employees working all day for long hours on desk, which was quite stressful, aches and exhaustible, hence, the practical session was very relieving for the staff members. They well elaborated the exercises for the stress relief from the neck to the feet. The speaker clearly demonstrated how to avoid the stressful days and lead a healthy life every day, Additionally, he marked a significant point that these little exercises will not be valuable practicing in just one day, rather it will illustrate a better result only if there is consistency. We hope to conduct such sessions more in the forthcoming days for the better health of the employees and to work happily.