Vox Populi: Debate Competition

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Crafting a impressive professional career

Critical thinking skills are important for professional success in every sphere. To foster critical thinking skills and argumentative abilities, the Communication Club of Brainware University organized Vox Populi: Debate Competition, the final round of which was conducted on December 29, 2021. Six teams debated on a wide range of topics and presented diverse perspectives. The topics ranged from the impact of mandatory 75% attendance on students to the possibility of free education in India.

Through the course of the programme the participants masterfully tried to establish the validity of their argument by providing appropriate evidence. It became clear that the beauty of the debate as a form lies not in blind acceptance of ideas but a critical evaluation of it to form one’s own opinion. This ability to engage with disparate ideas in an unbiased fashion is the hallmark of a true professional. Aside from argumentative skills students also learnt how to remain calm in a stressful situation and persevering in the face of difficulties.

Ultimately TatshaNesu , Idealists, We're Judgy, MARS were declared as the winners while Chhua Datta Choudhury Piu got the critics’ choice awards for her commendable performance. We hope to organize more such events in the future to help students develop professional skills.