The Best Practice to Get Rid of Network Security Attacks

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Building safer networks

Cyber security is a growing market in the IT field. To make the students aware of the different network security attacks and how the CND course that is developed by EC council helps in mitigating these attacks, the Department of Cyber Science & Technology organized a one-day workshop on ‘The Best Practice to Get Rid of Network Security Attacks’, on December 16, 2020, from 2.30 PM to 4.00 PM.

The webinar aimed at studying the several network security attacks in the field of Cyber Security and its deep impact on several sectors of our society. The key speaker of the webinar was Aditya Jain, a renowned cyber security professional. He started the session by explaining basic concepts of network security attack and the different kinds of security threats. “Not all threats are the same and hence you need to identify the security threat to neutralise it promptly,” he said.

He explained the way in which cyber criminals utilise loopholes in the system’s defence to mount a DOS attack, Malware attack, VAPT attack.To give students a better idea, Jain demonstrated how DOS attacks are launched and discussed the concept of CNDv2 methodology. How can such attacks be stopped? Jain helped students understand how network logs monitoring and analysis techniques can be helpful to prevent cyber attacks.

The Q&A session at the end was quite interactive and the students and faculty members got the answers to their questions from the expert. In total, more than 80 participants including students and faculty members from the department of Cyber Science & Technology and other departments of Brainware University had attended the workshop.