Students and staffs of the university got free COVID-19 booster jabs

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A free COVID-19 booster dose drive was organised by Brainware University in collaboration with Chhota Jagulia Hospital on Tuesday, July 26, 2022. The drive began at 11 a.m at the university campus. About 600 individuals including students and staff members got their booster jabs from the drive. Both Covaxin and Covishield doses were available at the drive.

India has witnessed two of the deadly COVID-19 waves over the last two years. Initially, two doses of COVID-19 vaccine were recommended, however, an additional booster dose is now being recommended to all those who are fully vaccinated as their immune response may weaken over time. Furthermore, a booster dose can minimize the risk of infection and severe illness with COVID-19 as per various researches.

Brainware University is committed to providing the best education and imbibing values among the students to provide the best education but also to imbibe values among the students so that they can work together towards building a better society. These university initiatives will also encourage the students to engage in a social cause for the betterment of the people surrounding us.