Is MBA a leap forward?: Senior faculty from T.I.M.E discusses at seminar

Is MBA a leap forward?

A bunch of Computer Science and Engineering students were eagerly listening to Inder Chopra, Senior Faculty/Mentor, T.I.M.E. Chopra was present at Brainware University to conduct a session on 'Career Advancement' on March 30, 2023.

"What will you do next?" asked Chopra to the CSE students at the beginning of the seminar. One of the lucrative prospects after Engineering is pursuing MBA. When asked about the requirement of MBA, Chopra received various interesting responses from the students. "We need a manager to channel the employees in the right direction," said one. "To explore the broader aspects of the job," pointed out another!

In a candid conversation with the students, Chopra made an important comment - "The efforts are higher when you need to reach a higher level!"