One-day outreach programme at Hatpukuria: Optometry students exposed to the practical session

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A one-day outreach activity programme was organised by the Department of Allied Health Sciences on June 28, 2022, with the Optometry students. The programme took place at Hatpukuria village in Canning.

The field of clinical practice in Optometry only becomes effective when the students are exposed to practical sessions. At the programme, the students performed vision screening using Snellens VA Chart (both near and distant). Also, refractive error was screened using retinoscopes and auto-refractometer. Furthermore, blood group and blood glucose testing were also performed in the camp. The entire event was supervised by Mr. Subham Mitra

The outreach camp was an enlightening experience for the Optometry students. At Brainware University, emphasis is given to practical sessions and hands-on training to enhance the professional skills of the students and to make them job-ready. The university is focused on uplifting the livelihoods of the neighboring areas and so conducts these outreach programmes where the people from the neighboring areas can get their health check-up free of cost.