A one-day online 'Workshop on Assessment and Management Non-Strabismic Binocular Dysfunction' organised by Allied Health Sciences department


The job of an Optometrist is not only limited to examining eyes for treating defective vision but also to conduct a proper evaluation of the patients coming in OPD. In an attempt to update the students about their responsibilities after the course, the Department of Allied Health Sciences organised a one-day online workshop on 'Assessment and Management Non-Strabismic Binocular Dysfunction in Routine Clinical Practice'. The session took place on November 5, 2022.

Dr. Supriyo Chatterjee, HOD, Optometry, The Neotia University was the Guest Speaker at the event. In his powerpoint presentation, Dr. Chatterjee tried to create awareness on the importance of the proper method of assessment for patients who come for routine eye check-ups without complaint of any BSV anomalies.

The interactive session was very informative for the students and more than 200 participants including students, faculty members, and external guests joined the session.