Need of the agri-tech innovations boosting employment

Need of the agri-tech innovations

"Do you think that there is a connection between Biology and Computer?" asked Dr. Deborshi De, Founder Director, Vedaantic Organic Research Foundation while interacting with the students of Brainware University. Dr. De was present to conduct a seminar on 'The Role of Life Science graduates in the Field of Sustainable Agriculture and Food Processing, Creating a Safe Food World for Everyone' on May 24, 2023.

The seminr was organised by Campus-to-Corporate Cell (C2C).

The session conducted by Dr. De stood out as it was more of an interactive one and the students who attempted to answer received small sculptures made by Dr. De himself. An ardent follower of the 'Local for Vocal' theory, Dr. De practises his passion of sculpting under Fakir Lalon Studio.

Dr. De believes Science and Entrepreneurship is the way out of poverty and all his initiatives aim at realisation of this conviction. To motivate and aware the students about the need of the hour, He discussed about the agri-tech innovations to enhance the agricultural sector. Consequently, the career options for the Biotechnology and Agriculture students were also discussed.