Guests from CodeClouds speak to CSE students about executing business strategies.


On December 9, the Department of Computer Science Engineering organized a technical seminar to give an overview of the industry to the students. The session was conducted by Mr. Subhojit Ganguly, COO, CodeClouds and Mr. Biplab Pal, VP and R&D CodeClouds. Mr. Ganguly spoke to the students about the necessity of challenging their weaknesses, and further advised them to inculcate awareness, knowledge and empathy in their lives, to achieve both personal and professional success.

With the help of “Project Life Cycle”, Mr. Biplap Pal highlighted the job opportunities and options available to students after BTech in CSE/IT, especially as a fresher in the industry. He emphasized the importance of improvising to learn what is new in the industry. He introduced a plan called “PDCA” (Plan, Do, Check and Act) to ensure continuous growth for future IT professionals. The session proved to be a huge success owing to the interactive discussion.