Programme | Challenges Faced During Pandemic

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Spreading awareness to save lives

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in widespread decline of mental and physical health amongst students who are struggling to cope with the uncertainties of the future. To boost the younger generation’s spirit and help promote a holistic lifestyle among them, The Central Library of Brainware University in collaboration with the Institute of Nursing Library, Brainware University organized a special wellness programme on “Challenges Faced During Pandemic” on 15 May, 2021 at 4 PM.

Ms Pratima Chatterjee, Principal, Vivodhananda Saraswati Nursing College and Ms Piyali De(Assistant Professor, Sister Nivedita University) were the guest speakers for the event. Together they touched upon how the pandemic has affected the well-being of the general public and the strategies to incorporate for a healthier life.

Ms. Chatterjee began by saying that, “people don’t seem to notice that we are facing a mental health crisis as well. So many youngsters who are cooped up in their rooms are falling prey to depression.” She suggested that daily walks, a diet rich in antioxidants, and recreational indoor games with family might be the key to maintaining good mental health.

Ms De too addressed the way in which we can protect ourselves during the pandemic . “The best way is to limit outside exposure. Stay at home if you can and if not, use two cotton masks and regularly sanitize. These are the best ways.” She also urged everyone to get vaccinated at the earliest possible opportunities and not give in to rumours spread on social media.