Veteran Media personnel conducts a session on 'Media and its Evolution'

Media and its Evolution-322

The Department of Multimedia in collaboration with the Department of Media Science organised a workshop on 'Media and its Evolution' on November 7, 2022. Saswata Chatterjee, a veteran in the Media industry who worked as the Channel Head of Voice 24 Tripura, Tripura's 1st satellite news channel, interacted with the students and highlighted how the media industry has evolved so far.

"I must say that this is a great opportunity for all the students here. I have visited many institutions, but few are equipped with any kind of infrastructure, labs, and post-production facilities. We never got these facilities during our student days," said Chatterjee. "Try to extract as much as possible from these facilities," he advised the Media Science and Multimedia students who were attending the workshop.

"Sir, how does a newsroom function?" a 1st-semester Media Science student asked the veteran media personnel. Chatterjee explained how a reporter gets a piece of news and then consults with the assignment desk and the subsequent processes till the news item is finally telecasted.

Hearing the minutest details of each of the processes from the 'Horse's Mouth' gave the students an idea about the newsroom. Chatterjee also shared with the budding media professionals how the industry has changed over the years. He highlighted how earlier the process was done and how it has evolved with time with the chip cameras and other modern equipment coming into play.

The students highly benefitted from this intriguing session.