Tradition and Modernity: Former High Court Judge addressed the budding lawyers at BWU

Alternate Dispute Resolution-280

The Department of Law organised an 'Alternate Dispute Resolution' seminar on September 24, 2022. Justice Ashim Kumar Banerjee, Former Judge, High Court of Calcutta was the Guest Speaker at the event. The budding lawyers found the session intriguing as the former High Court Judge shared several useful insights in front of them.

In very simple terms, Justice Banerjee explained the importance of a 'code of conduct'. "Animals always mark their territory. In the beginning, human beings also confronted animals and everyday they were struggling for existence, " he said. He further added, "So, there was a requirement for a code of conduct. What is law? It is the codified rule of conduct."

Justice Banerjee also pointed out that Law is developing like all other things. "Even after 75 years of independence, most of our laws still follow the British laws."

The talk by Justice Banerjee was thought-provoking and gave the young lawyers-to-be food for thought in a lot of areas.