One-Week Online Workshop on “Business Analytics and Modeling by R and Spreadsheet”

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Upgrading to be job-ready

Business Analytics is a field enjoying rapid development in today’s job market. To meet industry demands, analysts are incorporating a wide range of tools to streamline the process. The School of Management and Commerce, Brainware University organized a One-week Online Workshop on “Business Analytics and Modeling by R and Spreadsheet” from September 6, 2021, to September 10, 2021, to help familiarize participants with the latest market trends in the field of business analytics and help them choose the correct tools. Leading experts and scholars from India were invited as guests to help guide students.

After the inaugural session, the workshop started with Dr. Himanshu Gupta’s explanation of the way in which AHP(Analytic Hierarchy Process) and TOPSIS can be used in marketing research. He demonstrated its application using model data to give students hands-on experience.

The sessions continued on Day 2 with DEMATEL and Best Worst Method discussions. Dr. Gupta pointed out common mistakes analysts make and guide them on ways to maximize research outputs.

Through the rest of the week eminent guests like Dr. Gautam Bandhopadhyay(Associate Professor, NIT Durgapur), Dr. Arijit Ghosh(Assistant Professor, St. Xaviers’ College), Dr. Anirban Sarkar(Assistant Professor, WBSU) introduced students to key tools and techniques in the field of business analytics like software R, Parametric and Non-parametric tests.

The Q&A sessions at the end of each speech allowed students to closely interact with the experts and learn about job opportunities in the field. The workshop ended with a valedictory session and students’ enthusiastic feedback.